Title Published Updated
Advertising and Signage 2009-11-09 2013-12-06
Air Quality 2020-07-03
Cemeteries and Crematoria 2009-11-09
Commonage 2009-11-09
Control of Undertakings that Sell Liquor to the Public 2018-12-07
Control of Vessels and Boating Activities on the Berg River Estuary 2020-10-23
Credit Control, Tariffs and Debt Collection 2009-11-09
Dilapidated Buildings and Unsightly and Objectionable Structures (Piketberg Municipal Council) 1998-09-25
Electricity Supply 2009-11-09
Fences and Walls 2009-11-09
Fire Safety 2016-06-24
Impoundment of Animals 2009-11-09
Informal Trading 2009-11-09
Integrated Waste Management 2022-04-01
Integrated Zoning Scheme 2016-06-17
Keeping of Bees (Municipal Council of Piketberg) 1998-09-25
Levying of an Availability Charge for Sewerage (Municipal Council of Velddrif) 1994-11-11
Management and Use of the Berg River Estuary 2019-07-05
Municipal Land Use Planning 2020-12-11
Property Rates 2012-06-08
Public Amenities 2009-11-09
Public Buses and Taxis 2009-11-09
Public Nuisances and the Keeping of Animals 2022-05-13
Roads and Streets 2009-11-09
Rules of Order for the Conduct of Meetings of the Council 2018-07-13
Shop Trolleys (Municipal Council of Piketberg) 1998-09-25
Sporting Facilities 2009-11-09
Stormwater Management 2009-11-09
Swimming Bath (Municipal Council of Piketberg) 1998-09-25
Vessels, Trailors, Boats, or any Towing or Sailing Equipment on Vacant Land (Piketberg Municipal Council) 1998-09-25
Water Supply, Sanitation Services and Industrial Effluent 2009-11-09


Title Published Repealed
Air Pollution Control 2013-12-06 2020-07-03
Municipal Land Use Planning 2018-04-06 2020-12-11
Prevention of Public Nuisances and Public Nuisances arising from the Keeping of Animals 2009-11-09 2022-05-13
Solid Waste Disposal 2009-11-09 2022-04-01